All new Workers must complete the Application Form, proof of identity and ability to legally work in the UK. If they are expected to drive a motor vehicle in the course of their employment, They will need to provide their driving licence.

Immediately on commencing duty all new Workers must provide details of their National Insurance Number and WRS where applicable, together with their P45 and bank details. Additional information regarding their next of kin to be contacted in an emergency, A Medical Questionnaire, Induction papers, Risk Assessments, their Terms of Employment, and their doctor’s name and address will also be required.

Daranden is committed to providing equality of opportunity to all its existing and potential members of staff.

It is the Company’s policy to treat applicants and Workers in the same way, regardless of their sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, political conviction, trade union membership or non membership and spent convictions of ex offenders.

The Equality of Opportunities policy applies at all times and should influence the way we treat individuals whether they be colleagues, customers, suppliers or business contacts. The policy impacts on recruitment, career development and training, terms of employment and benefits and the way we conduct our business.

The Directors of the Company has responsibility for ensuring that the Policy operates effectively. He will ensure that training is given to all managers on the implementation of this policy and that the training will be on going. The managers will then communicate the content of this Policy to all members of staff of the Company. The Company expects each member of staff to enter into the spirit of the policy and to ensure that a positive equal opportunities climate exists by treating others on their merits and by disassociating themselves from any form of direct of indirect discrimination, victimisation, or sexual, racial or any other type of harassment.




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All personal files are kept in a secure place, and information contained within these files is kept confidential.  The Company adheres to the Data Protection Act.

You must always keep the Company informed of your current home address and, unless there are special reasons for not doing so, your home telephone number. Details of your next-of-kin and where they can normally be contacted are also required.  It is essential that this information is available for many reasons, especially if you are involved in an accident, an emergency, or taken ill whilst at work.


The Company recognizes the right of all staff to be treated with respect and dignity and is committed to the development of positive policies for the elimination of sexual, racial and any other harassment in the workplace.  The Company provides management training to ensure that all managers are aware of all types of harassment and of the procedure to adopt should a complaint be made. 

The training will be on going to keep managers aware of the developments in this area. Managers will have a positive duty on them to implement the policy and take corrective action.

This policy applies to staff at every level and applies to all types of harassment.  It is recognized that men as well as women may be sexually harassed.

The harassment procedure (which follows) informs staff of the types of behavior that are unacceptable and provides staff who are the victims of harassment with a means of redress.

Sexual, racial or any other type of harassment at work is unlawful and both the company and the harasser may be held liable for such unlawful actions and be required to pay damages.  In addition, the harasser may be subject to criminal sanctions.

Harassment can reduce the effectiveness of the Company by undermining the confidence of staff and increasing sickness absence and labour turnover.  All employees have the right to work in an environment free from sexual, racial or any other type of intimidation.